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We are a small father and son company. Started by Jose Ceja Sr. in 2008 during the Great Recession after losing his job like millions of others during that time period. After the hardships that followed Jose decided to do what he had to do in order to feed his family and himself. Taking job after job, welding little parts here and there. Fixing machines like conveyor belts and ovens for tortillas he slowly began building his business. Over the course of the years he has amassed enough experience and clientele to create a strong and prospering business. Bringing in his son to show the ropes and take over one day.





We offer a wide variety of welding services. From the cleaner TIG (GTAW), the faster MIG (GMAW), or Certified structural Stick welding (SMAW) . Each project requires different forms of welding and we excel at all forms. With 15 years of welding experience behind Jose Sr back, 7 behind Jose Jr's,  and more than 30 with our certified welder Santiago, each project has the best we have to offer in every field.




With every project comes certain challenges. Some tougher than others and with a combined 42 years of experience; 35 by Jose SR and 7 with Jose JR. We rise to the challenge for each occasion. Whether large or small, no project is out of our reach. If you can dream it or draw it, we can work with you to make it a reality.



Some projects require precision milling and lathing work and we have the tools and capabilities to be precise up to the ten thousands of an inch. We have plenty of experience lathing shafts to fit into bearings or motors, sleeves and milling key ways for shafts. For any milling or lathe work, You can trust us to be accurate up the the ten thousandths.


Work Out?

As a small company, there is very little space for inventory or stock in our shop. However, as the world faces these on coming challenges like COVID-19, we are forced to change with the times. With the shortage of exercise equipment we are proud to offer our new line of products. Simple in its design to be able to be fabricated within the day but sturdy enough to take any exercise you have to throw at it or your money back.


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Head Office

137 Puente Ave

City of Industry CA, 91746

Tel: 626-374-1929

Fax: 626-363-4957

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